Contact Information


Contact Information

iHeartMedia Somerset

PO Box 740Somerset, KY42502Phone 606-678-5151Toll Free- 1-877-672-5151 Department Heads are: 
General Manager-      Bruce Welker
Business Manager-     Greg Wesley
Chief Engineer-
          Jim Mercer
Operations Manager-  Rod Zimmerman

Traffic Manager-         Paula Molen

Production DirectorMike Murphy
Promotion Director-   Wynona Padgett
Sales Contact-             Click Here
Sports Director-           Josh McKinney
Other Sports Contacts: Jon Burlew


Extensions for Requests:
 See each DJ's profile under 'On-Air Personalities' on the home page for extensions. For anyone out of the local calling area you can call our toll free number for requests, as well.

Swap N Shop- (606) 676-9771 or (606) 676-9772 The Contest Line- (606) 679-2321